Banbury housewife seeking submissive sex contacts

I’m 45, bisexual, and live with my partner. People recon I’m sexy, but that’s for your too decide. I have large breasts and a nice ass, and love to suck and fuck 24/7. I love my partner, and am willing to try out new things with him and others who are interested. I’m originally from Ireland but have been living in Banbury for almost ten years now. I’m the type of gal who would turn on pretty much anyone, guys or gals. I have a nice body, and know exactly how to use it 😉 I’m funny (that’s what my friends say anyway) and am also a really caring and loyal person. When it comes to sex I like to be submissive, as I pretty much allow fuck partners to do whatever they please to me….

Hot sex, as simple as that. I’d like to hook up with sex contacts in Banbury for all kinds of wild sexual encounters, no matter what they might include, and it doesn’t matter whether it be with guys or gals. I’d also like to experiment during threesomes, with my partner and new people in my area. Like I said, I’m submissive and like to keep it that way, so if you are interested in dominating an innocent slut in your area here I am. Quite frankly I’m a real slut and love to suck and fuck 24/7, so you’d really be pleased once you give me a banging or two. I love using sex toys, vegetables, and so on, so yeah I’m a bit of a freak. If there’s one thing I look in a fuck partner is someone who have no limits whatsoever, just like me 😉