Horny old slut seeking male company

ticklemeI had a bad dream last night and I don’t have a man to cuddle up with me. Isn’t that sad? Being a lonely mum isn’t all that its cracked up to be. All day long it seems I am doing the same thing over and over, it’s totally boring. Mums like me are not going to put up with this, not when horny guys like you can bring some fun to us. I know there are men out there who would love to keep me and my tight mums pussy entertained through those long boring days. I’m taking a real chance posting this, I’m sure not all the guys who reply to me will be honest. So don’t be angry at me if I want to take things slow, we can work up to the mums sex once we get to know each other. This could very well turn into a long term thing, when I am feeling lonely I can send you a message and you can come around for sex. For most guys that would sound like a dream come true, so if you feel that you could handle a nuaghty mum come and send me a message.