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GREETINGS! I’m Sally, a sexy unhappy wife from Aldeburgh! I’ve been married for a few yrs now, but things haven’t gone exactly to plan in the sexual department! Let’s just say my hubby would rather have a couple of beers with his mates at the local pub than receive a blowjob from me…and the sad this is, I’m gorgeous, have  long hair, green eyes, a nice tight body, big tits and a juicy ass…i really need to meet someone for a good fuck in Aldeburgh at least a couple of times a week! I’m just strictly looking for casual sex…so things like flings, one night stands, secret sex or anything closely related…

I feel that lately I have this great urge to fuck guys with huge cocks, and really will treat you to an amazing time. My hubby is 15 YRS OLDER THAN ME…..i’m just 34….so would like a guy my age or maybe a little younger, not too young..maybe starting from 30 upwards! We could arrange a sex date at a hotel or some place nice, and get to know each other a little better. I’m a fun, easy going person, who seriously needs to be swept off my feet by a man who knows exactly what he’s doing in bed, and know is willing to satisfy all of my sexual urges. When I say causal sex…I don’t mind engaging in THREESOMES, GANGBANGS, ORGIES or maybe something a bit different like dogging!

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My name is Louise and I’ve spent the last few years making the rounds to different dogging events in different cities. I’ve found that Halesworth is by far the best place to hook up with strangers in public places. There is something about the lads and lasses in that town that is both intriguing and exciting. They are free spirits and they enjoy bareback sex. That’s right no rubber for those fun-loving horny guys and girls. I’m looking for a sexually adventurous person who wants to accompany me to one of these fuckfests.

You can be new to dogging or an experienced old timer, all I ask is you that you are respectful to the other people participating. That means no taking pictures of any kind. Also please be disease free and have verifiable documents proving you are clean. Since this is a condom-free zone, you must absolutely be comfortable with raw sex. Ideally the person who answers this ad enjoys oral sex, creampies and anal. He is both a voyeur and an exhibitionist and doesn’t mind sharing his partner with other players. If this sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s get this party started.

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This sexy 43 year old is one to watch that’s for sure, first off just look how sexy Tracey looks in her profile pic, slim, pretty and looks younger than 43 and she says that she fucks like an 18 year old slut and I believe her! I just read Tracey’s sex ad and not only does she want to meet a guy to in her words “fill her mouth, pussy and arse, in that order” she also would like to meet your friends as well! My kind of lady!

I’m a very naughty girl – I just want sex, sex and even more sex. I need a guy with a nice thick cock not to big who can fill my mouth, my pussy & my arse with cum in that order. I’m into just about everything these days I seem to get kinkier as I get older & if I haven’t done it yet,  I’ll probably try it especially group sex, I have a desire to let more than one guy fuck me, I have wet dreams sometimes about 4 or 5 guys taking it turns on me for a whole night, I wake up with a big wet patch on my bed because I’m so turned on by it, I’ve just never had the bottle to actually go ahead with it, the closest I have come is when I met a guy from this site who took me dogging, he fucked me in front of some other guys who were all wanking over us, I felt like such a slut, I so wanted it then but like I Say I bottled it, but if I get to know you better and your friends maybe we can try it?. I love anal sex – I especially like having my arse & pussy fingered the same time – if your very lucky I might let you use something a bit bigger than your fingers. If your very very lucky I might let you introduce me to some of your friends but like I say after we get to know each other a bit better – I might be naughty but I”m not easy so you have to convince me that you’re a good lover – tell me exactly what your going do to me, the naughtier the better & please don’t hold back I won’t be shocked or turned off, promise.

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If you fancy some fun with a married housewife, fun that you’ve only ever dreamed of then Michele is for you, she is a self confessed fuck slut that never wears knickers when she goes out and loves to bend over when she goes shopping hoping that guys will peak up her skirt and realise she isn’t wearing panties, Michele says she gets so horny by this she lets guys use her in supermarket toilets. Michele’s husband knows all about her illicit encounters and doesn’t mind as he’s to old to keep up with his restless wife though he sometimes likes to watch his wife get fucked by younger fitter guys.

Firstly, you`d probably like to know that my name`s Michele I`m from Suffolk. I`m hoping that this site will allow me to meet a nice man that more or less matches my traits. When it comes to my personality, I would have to say that most of the time I`m pretty affectionate. My ideal match must have something in common with me, so you might like to know that I love sports or keep fit. I enjoy casual sex when ever I can get it, I like to feel like a slut so I never wear panties when I go shopping, I enjoy the idea of men using me for sex while my husband watches and plays with himself. I love my husband and am very happily married but we both like to play away from home. I am exactly as you see in my pic, if you don’t mind fucking an older lady with your young cock and don’t mind fucking a married woman then please get in touch as I’d love to see a pic of you and your cock.

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Alexus has just become a grandma for the first time she is 5’3 and is 45 years old. Alexus is recently divorced from her long time husband and has started dating men for sex only, she has no intention of settling down again.

Hi chaps my name is Alexus and ever since I split with my dick of a husband I have been craving sex like a mad woman, I was never like this before it’s as if I’ve just hit my sexual peek, I seem to think about sex all day long and over the past year or so I have tried everything from shagging in a car park with an audience watching to sneaky sex in a public toilet, I enjoy bareback sex so if you like to use a condom them I’m not for you!

I like younger guys who are fit and can keep up with me in the bedroom I don’t cum easy I take some work you know! I like to make myself all sexy for my men I dress to please so if you have any special requests, stockings, leather boots, whip 😉 nurses uniform then just let me know no matter how freaky, in fact the freakier the better!

If you want to meet up for drinks, chat and maybe something more then just message me and lets get it on! xx