Gill from Sussex loves swinging and dogging

Our newest member is Gill a chubby wife who is a propper exhibtionist and always has to be the centre of attention. Gill has signed up to granny sex ads looking for like minded men and women to share he kinky stories with, swap dirty photos and of course to meet men and women for casual sex. Gill is into swinging and dogging big time and has been to some of the best sex clubs in Sussex for regular swinging and wife swapping parties. You can also catch Gill down her favourite Sussex dogging haunts The latest one she has attended recently is Devils Dyke which is a well known and major dogging area, off the A24 towards Brighton so if your in the area pop down there for dogging with Gill.

Gills main aim is to end 2012 with a bang and is looking to get a group of men and women together and enjoy a hot swinging session with herself and her husband, This end of year sex extravaganza will be hosted at Gills home all you need to do is bring yourself a long and have the hottest sex of your lives. If swinging and dogging is your thing then send Gill a message now and end 2012 with some of the hottest sex you have ever had 🙂