Divorced sex starved granny wants younger studs

Hello my name is tracy, i’m 1.78 cms, long brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, large boobs and a small but round bottom. I’m divorced, have been for three years now and no kids. I’m 48 by the way. I live by the same motto “live life to the max” and try to do this as much as I can. I am polite, friendly, funny and id say smart and while some of my favourite pastimes in dancing, playing water polo and horse riding I like to spend my free time having sex…like most people do but just don’t want to say. I live in Grantham and honesty have been sex starved since the divorce, but now that everything has been sorted out, I’m hoping to get back into it again, and at the moment im as horny as any woman could possibly be. Infact…im desperate for hot sex right now…but am quite picky in my preference.

I prefer taller locals for wild hardcore sex at all hours of the day…someone who has a good job is ideal but not essential. When I say tall I’d say between 1.85-1.90 as im sort of tall for a woman. It would be nice if he’d be divorced too and with kids…because I don’t want to have kids for now, and perhaps never…I like dark guys with large penises…small penises are a no no, so if you are a little short in that department please stay away. But I can tell you that im really worth it..as I try to stay fit, have a healthy diet and am pretty damn crazy in bed. I have been told that I give incredible blowjobs, and the fact that I haven’t suck cock in a while means I probably wont stop sucking until I swallow up bucketfuls of cum..and probably after that id want more and more….have I seduced you yet?