Couple In Need of New Friends

cherylA while back, my mate and I were looking for some new ways to make sex kinkier in the bedroom.  We looked at all of the devices and toys that claimed to get the passionate level where we wanted it.  Unfortunately, these were all temporary fixes to a problem that we hadn’t identified.  I asked my significant other one day if he would like to have some fun with a new couple?  Surprisingly enough he was on board.  Without going into too much detail, the rest has been history.  Now, we are searching for couples in order to take our experience to even highter levels.  No matter if you are experienced or new, we now how to handle the interaction.  We love meeting up with our new friends and going out on the town for an amazing interaction.  This gives us the opportunity to meet and get to know one another.

Being in Frodsham, there’s so much for us to do.  Afterwords, we can really get the party started.  Imagine going back to a fancy suite where we have champagne and candles lit.  A jacuzzi style tub with bubbles and flower pedals.  A bed that is large and ready to be torn to pieces from hot sensual encounters.  Choose your setting and let the sharing begin.  If this is something that gets you all hot and bothered, get in touch with me and we will go all out to make your desires a reality.