Dominant wife seeks submissive men

nikki3Hi laddies, my name is Trina from Todmorden, a dominant and aggressive house wife that loves to get kinky with younger submissive men. I am blonde with an athletic build; with huge DD tits and a juicy ass that I love to jiggle around. I’m such a dominant wife that my husband takes care of all the family chores from cooking to ironing, whilst he is doing the chores I like to slip on my leather and BDSM gear and dominate him for my own amusement. I love whacking him in the balls with my cricket bat and when he makes a cup of tea I either knock it on the floor and make him pick up the pieces with his teeth, or I lunge the hot tea all over his private parts.

He since has gone to live with his mother as he is too much of a wimp, and now I am in need of new younger guys that are interested in being dominated by one hell of a good looking house wife. If you are into nipple clamping, being spanked, humiliation, and fucking in an extreme manner, then you will totally have a good time with me. I’m not the usual dominatrix that likes to just deliver pain, I also love to suck on dick, take it in the ass, double penetration and I don’t mind if you bring other people into the mix, I’m always up for group sex. I always say the more the merrier.