I want to get fucked by doggers as my hubby watches

rebbsHi, I’m Nicole, a gorgeous milf from Eastleigh eager to meet a bunch of likeminded people to share my passion for dogging with. I am a really active person, and have always been curious about trying out dogging, which from what people have told me is the most exciting sexual activity possible. I recently spoke to my husband about it and he was fine with the idea, but said he wouldn’t want to join in, but just watch and get off that way. Just thinking that my hubby watches while I get fucked by a bunch of guys really gets me all moist and horny.

I seriously can’t let another day go past, before engaging in a wild dogging session at a car park, the side of a road, an alley way, or wherever else. If you know where the best dogging hangouts and hotspots are in Eastleigh please advise me. Maybe we can get to know each other a little, and then set out with a bunch of people for awesome dogging adventures. I feel this is the sexual activity missing in my life, and am really anxious about seeing how it really feels like. If you want to share this experience with me please shoot me a quick email. Thanks.