Mature Women with Healthy Appetites Looking for a Soldier!

grannHi there, my name is Susan and I’m looking for some hot fun. I’m a sexy, mature lady from St. Albans and I get off on men in uniform. I just love a bloke in uniform and would love to meet strong soldiers. As I mentioned, I am a healthy women in my late forties and I am at my sexual peek. There’s nothing that I find perverted and I’m open to all ideas as long as they will lead me to a mind blowing climax. I like younger men, but I’m not picky. Whether you’re a soldier or not, as long as you’re ready to put on a uniform for me, I’ll be satisfied and eager to jump into the sack instantly.

I would love to explore other fetishes as well.  I am open to bondage, foot fetish, toys, and stockings; I’d try just about anything that will get your blood rushing. I am prepared to do anything for you as long as you’re open to satisfy my healthy cravings. I need a strong man who’s not afraid of mature, confident women. I need a bloke who’s not intimidated by my sexual experience. I am not looking for an emotional mash up and I am in for casual dates, NSA dating and one-night-stands. If you like what you read then you should definitely call me so we can arrange a date. I am blonde, I have green eyes and I’m tall and slim. I have stamina and I need a bloke who can follow my rhythm.