Older housewife seeks W/E fuck buddies for nights of fun

lynn4My sex contacts list seems to be getting a little low these days, but I am going to do my best to get it filled back up. I want all you guys at home to send me a message and maybe you could be my sex contact. I’m also up for some dating as well, and to give you a little hint of my perfect date, I like the beach and I also enjoy a nice fine wine.

This should give you some ideas on where to take me should we end up dating, if you were just my sex contact then you wouldn’t need to worry about that, the only thing you would need to be concerned about it pleasuring my pussy. I live in Cromer and well I would love to hear from you if you live here as well, I am a pretty outgoing girl and will try anything once, so I don’t know why I am still waiting for you to send me a message? I bet your the type of man that likes to keep a girl guessing, well this girl might not wait around for ever, some come and get to know me better now guys.