Older lady from the Lake District area seeking a little companionship

vanessaI’m an older lady guys and well I think I’m getting a little lonely these days, I’m separated from my husband and am currently living in the Lake District area. I moved here hoping to make a fresh start and well I don’t know a single person here, and I’ve got no real way of meeting people either. That’s why I thought I would set up this dating profile, I know there must be some men around the same age as me who are also looking for some companionship.

I know in myself that I’m ready to start dating again, and it might take a few months or longer, but I think I will finally meet the man of my dreams, and that person could be reading this right now. Just the thought of a warm strangers hands around my body makes me feel all excited, it’s been years since I actually had sex that I enjoyed as well. My husband would just demand it all the time, and he would only take care of himself. I want to chat with a handsome man right now, so why don’t all you nice men make contact with me first? it just takes a few seconds.